Ideas on the DDs database

It’s awesome to see that more Dead Dops come in every day! We are counting 20 Dead Drops worldwide now, which equals ca. 40 GB of file-sharing storage ;-) Thx to everybody participating in this project! Keep up the good work!

In the meanwhile I want to share some thoughts on our database plans. First a disclaimer: Yes, we are all spoiled with high end Ajax/Java real time platforms of the social web. Dead Drops is not a start up nor a VC funded project etc. Right now there is only Anrew K. (thx man! you re awesome!) dedicating his free time coding PHP/Mysql to build up the DD database while already in use. This is not the usual way to go public with such a project but all you guys out there made me/us jump into cold water :-) This means all the features listed below will be added step by step. It also might be necessary that you ll need to re-submit at a certain point etc … please bare with us! (We’re not FB or Google but maybe will take over their data centers in the future ;-)

Our plans for the database / site are:

  • Basic user sign up (just screenname, email and password. we don’t want to collect any personal data!)
  • After sign in you ll be able to submit, edit and update your babies (DDs)
  • More and also large images. (Images are important! W ll have competitions! :-)
  • Dead Drop status field: up/down/gone. Editable by all signed in dead droppers
  • Comments
  • Search

Nice to have for the future would be:

  • Multiple language support ( I got already many translation offers!)
  • Open Street Map instead of Google Maps
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Open API for integration in other platforms
  • Rating: best spot, best pictures, best cementing job, best story …

Now it s your turn! What do you think? Proposals?
I opened up a pad where we can dicuss and extend the wishlist!
If you’re a coder and want to be involved hit me up!

Discuss here!

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  1. Thank you so much for creating such a great blog :) Myself and my staff have spent the past 2 hours reading through your posts and watching your videos. We will visit again for sure – keep up the great work!