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  • Pages!

    I am very pleased to announce that our database has a new feature. We have multiple pages now! ;-) Since there are new Dead Drops coming in every day (currently 28!) the list got too long for the iframe :-) More to come soon! ….

  • Ideas on the DDs database

    It’s awesome to see that more Dead Dops come in every day! We are counting 20 Dead Drops worldwide now, which equals ca. 40 GB of file-sharing storage ;-) Thx to everybody participating in this project! Keep up the good work! In the meanwhile I want to share some thoughts on our database plans. First […]

  • Dead Drops Database!

    I am very please to announce that we are going public today with the Dead Drops Database! Thx to Andrew for coding this in a couple days from scratch! This is a very first straightforward version and will be enhanced soon with more features. Bare with us. Proposals are welcome! Further down the road we […]