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‘Dead Drops’ is a project initiated by the german artist Aram Bartholl during his artist in residence at EYEBEAM in New York City, October 2010.

  • General Inquiries: please contact [deaddrops  at  deaddrops dot com] or get in touch below:
  • Dev-team: please contact [dev  at  deaddrops dot com]
  • IRC channel: #deaddrops feel free to drop by :-)

Current team

  • Dead Drops: Concept, Initiator, PR, design, WP-master: Aram Bartholl
  • Dead Drops platform lead development : Robert Kraegenbring
  • Dead Drops Android app: Wouter
  • Dead Drops iPhone app: David / Logan
  • Dead Drops forum & design support: JPhG
  • Dead Drops logo design Hassan Shah aka Lugos


  • thx to my good friend Bre Pettis who helped kicking off with a great title and made me think big :)
  • thx to Andrew who started off the first version of DD data base in November 2010!
  • thx to the great team of developers who are currently working on the platform!
  • thx to an endless number of translators!
  • thx to EYBEAM for making this possible during my stay in NYC in October 2010.

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