Dead Drops options & discussion

I’ve talked a lot about Dead Drops and offline filesharing the last 2 months and I want to share some of these thoughts and ideas from friends and Droppers here:

  • Rich Kids: In quite some countries, places and neighborhoods  it is not very common (or let’s say safe) to pull out your notebook in public. People from Brazil pointed this out to me a while ago. Yes true! I must admit I haven’t thought about that before hand. In these cases it would make sense to maybe invert the whole process and have a stationary device in the wall and the USB stick stays in the classic way mobile. Take a look at this piece I’ve done a while ago and you ll get an idea…
  • Wireless!: Many people proposed wireless Dead Drops and David came up with the perfect Pirate Box. Sure it’s possible and convinient in many ways. Of course you need a power source and a couple devices which add up in costs. I am looking fwd to the one box low voltage (photo cells driven) wireless solution on a lamp post. Someone make a nice kit or product! Personally I sort of prefer the USB drive in the wall because it is so simple and anybody can do it. But go go go!!!
  • Dead Drop Zones: Gregory is elaborating on Dead Drops and it s limitations and proposes Dead Drops Zones. Sure, sounds interesting. take a look.
  • Public is Public: A lot of you made the experience that a beautifully hand crafted drop was gone/destroyed  after some days or even hours. I know it does hurt but don t give up! Munich droppers lately made that experience on Marienplatz (city center). To have a public data base of drops also means that all the experts out there who don t like the concept can pop by and smash it, that s somehow part of the game. On the other hand the Munich  droppers clever and were a bit more vague on the location of the next drop on the Pinakothek. ‘Not here!’ That is smart because the hater more likely won’t invest time to find the drop.
  • Super Offline Drops!: And even more radical  would be to have no DD data base online. You would need to find a dead drop by rumours or signs in the city. And maybe the drop had then more info on it where to find the next drop near by? …Super Offline Drops consequent offline…think about it!
  • Signs!: Some Droppers also started to stencil logos or use other visual markers to attract the attention to the dead drop. Check the Build Up Drop in Lille. On one hand I like that. Looks good and would help a lot finding Super Offline Drops (see above), as long as those are listed online it’ll be the other hand also easier for the vandalizing citizens to find the drop and take it out of service.  ;-) Maybe it’s a good technique for Super Offline Drops ?!?
  • and more and more and more …..

3 responses to “Dead Drops options & discussion”

  1. … i had something in mind about the “Super Offline Drops” thing. i’ll do it in the next couple of week in Paris…

  2. … about Marienplatz : we felt very sorry to find the key was taken away. But we got to admit that this week-end was not the best time to implement a drop in that high-touristic place : it was the very moment of the 47th Munich Security Conference ( ! We were aware of that a bit late, but even, we tried to challenge it : the place was regularly watched by cops (although i got the feeling they are pretty cool) and security barriers were progressively put in place in anticipation of a protest held later on saturday afternoon.

    We got to mention that the clay used to attach the drop is still in place, so dropers are free to try another shot (my partner will try it when she has the time).
    I also have to mention that the “Pattex fixing clay” is absolutely not recommended in the job (at least for the following conditions : cold and speed). I threw it away.


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