Category: update

  • DeadDrops Status

    A long awaited feature is finally rolled out. You can now set the status of a Deaddrop to working, unknown or broken. Check it out!  

  • DD iphone app!!

    Yesss!! Dead Drops iPhone app now available at the iTunes store !! By Ross Thompson, awesome work!! Thx man!!

  • Flash free page

    Thx to Luke Stevenson there is a Flash free, iPhone/iPad friendly HTML5 deaddrops page now! Congrats Luke!

  • Dead Drops on Layar AR app

    Awesome!! Thanks to Bruce Sterling and his team: Layar coder Menno Bieringa & Layar artist-in-residence Sander Veenhof  “Dead Drops” is officially part of the Layar Augmented Reality browser app.  Like that!! :) Thx guys! looks awesome! :) Press release! Just 119 m to the next Dead Drop “G23” !!

  • DD with LED !!

    Awesome Dead Drop job in Brno, CZ !! Congrats guys! External USB led :) love it!

  • You gotta fight for your right tooo ….

    drop files!! : ) Logo by JP


    2nd wireless drops WIDROP in the DB!! Great work and great stencil!! :) Congrats bzhack!

  • Deaddrops Logo Contest Award Ceremony :)

    Thanks soo much to everyone who contributed to the dead drops logo contest on jovoto !!! It was very exiting and challenging at the same time. There were many very good designs and interesting concepts. Congrats to the community voting winner mariagroenlund !! After a long and tough process I’ve decided to choose LUGOS design […]

  • Stats!

    Robert has implemented some new features on in the last days. The submit process offers droptype and preview now. All thumbnail pictures in the DB are cropped to square and link to the full size original submitted pic. Nice! Upcoming is search and user logins, stay tuned guys! In the meanwhile check some Dead […]

  • Logo design contest

    We are still looking for a unique logo design and currently running a contest on at their non commerical  ‘open zone’. Check out all the submited ideas here and feel free to join in. Thx to for making this possible!