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  • Dead Drops options & discussion

    I’ve talked a lot about Dead Drops and offline filesharing the last 2 months and I want to share some of these thoughts and ideas from friends and Droppers here: Rich Kids: In quite some countries, places and neighborhoods  it is not very common (or let’s say safe) to pull out your notebook in public. […]

  • HAM radio

    Telecomix is a perfect example of state of the art Internet crowd sourced (h)ackivist group mainly organized through IRC channels and such. They’ve done a great job during Internet shut down in Egypt. Tons of info and alternative OFFLINE communication tools like HAM radio! on werebuild.eu/wiki/Egypt/ See also Bre Pettis thoughts on HAM radio offline […]

  • “deadSwap”

    There are all kinds of offline filesharing possibilities. I learn about more of them every day now :-) Check out deadSwap. Thx Dmytri! deadSwap: A Game Of Cloak And Data deadSwap is an offline file sharing system where participants covertly pass a USB stick from one to another. The route of the USB memory stick […]