Vandalism on Bowery

It has come to my attention that the Dead Drop on 235 Bowery at the New Museum NYC has been taken out of service. (Someone smashed it) But I am sure the Dead Drops movement will strike back soon with 5 more Dead Drops in the same area! ( Feel free to take action! ) But since the network was extended by at least 2 Dead Drops today (see below)  we are still growing :-). Thx to Kupo for the note and pics!

3 responses to “Vandalism on Bowery”

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  2. This weekend made a bike tour to hit up all 5 Dead drops in NYC and found the Bowery one was smash by someone and the Eyebeam was not working. The other three are still running.

  3. Im going to work on putting a few DD’s around my area, but makes me want tol try to make them as inconscipous as possible.