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  • Dead Drops youtube playlist

    The Youtube user #USBdeaddrop made an effort to collect all videos dealing with DeadDrops in one or the other way. The result is this beautiful playlist of news reports, tutorials, documentations and more. There are whole lot of clips I haven t even seen before. So cool!! Thx!!

  • DeadDrops HackDay!!

    DeadDrops HackDay June 22, 2014, Sunday, 12:00 pm – 12:00 am (save the date!) at awesome! c-base, Rungestr. 20, Berlin (map) We will brainstorm, discuss, hack and hang at Spree riverside with bbq and drinks! Open to everyone, free entrance, drop by any time! #webstreaming #IRC #beers #sun Deaddrops started in 2010. People from all over […]

  • DeadDropDog

    DeadDropDog Site specific intervention Material: Dog & Flashdrive Dimensions: 25x60x65 cm Aram Bartholl 2012 for K67_Urban Router by Kuc & Jan (opening August 2, Berlin) , credits: Marcello & Ray If you hang out at K67_Urban Router try to spot Ray and play with him. If you are nice and he likes you take a look […]

  • Talk at 28C3

    The anual congress by Chaos Computer Club germany (#28C3, the 28th year) last week was great. Besides all kinds of interesting action I also gave a short Pechakucha talk on deaddrops.

  • Escalator Drop

    The movie they stored on there is pretty krass!! If you re smart you ll also find it on the Internetz. :) by Flo & Leon, part of the workshop week i teached at Merz-Akademie Stuttgart recently.

  • 1st Wireless Drop

    1st wireless drop registered near Hamburg, Germany! Congrats guys! :)

  • DE droppers wanted

    Hey germany! I got a couple inquiries from german press who are looking for  interview partners in DE. Are you interested? Go for it (anonymity granted if you want) Please get in touch with me @dead_drops. Thx ARAM

  • Dead Drops DB update

    Hey all droppers!!! Awesome job! All of you! Love this over all development!!! Sorry for being a bit silent here and on twitter. I am again under press DOS attack. Too many interview inquieries etc. (And besides that DD is just one part of my work. Currently I am working on a new project in […]

  • Datagram

    I know there are quite several projects for offline data sending out there, like the carrier pigeon in 2009. Deepak send me recently a link to his let s say straight forward Datagram idea of exchanging data via encrypted  SD-cards in snail mail.  Right now the site looks more like an idea than a working […]

  • USB wall!

    Check the USB wall thesis project by Carl Michael Harris ‘Why be Human‘