Dead Drops DB update

"NHB – CZ", like it :-)

Hey all droppers!!! Awesome job! All of you! Love this over all development!!! Sorry for being a bit silent here and on twitter. I am again under press DOS attack. Too many interview inquieries etc. (And besides that DD is just one part of my work. Currently I am working on a new project in NYC and have to plan upcoming shows and talks etc … )

I am very glad to announce that Robert is currently continuing on the php data base. He already implemented Unicode which means you guys can hack now Dead Drops in any language code you want! More features and options to edit your Drop to come soon!

Known Issues:
Besides missing features like search and login etc many Droppers have issues with the G-maps marker. Yes, it is a problem. Currently the marker is only determined by the address via G-maps. If you want it to be in the correct place please test on Google Maps before hand where it will pop up and consider to change the address accordingly. Google sometimes has addresses and locations slighly wrong. The lat/long option in submit is currently not involved in this process, to be changed soon! (Update: this is fixed in the meanwhile!!)

Love to all droppers out there! :-)