The Walking DeadDrops

Love it!! :) Great vid! Congrats Jerome!

“How to survive the post Internet censorship apocalypse – (Exhumed DeadDrops travel through publics transports)

In a world where the Internet is being more and more monitored and filtered, there is a urge to find new ways to send and share data over uncensored networks.

Apart from the traditional computer networks, there are other kind of networks that could be used to transfer data from point A to point B in a Point-to-Point way without worrying too much about technical solutions to counterfeit Internet censorship and stupid copyright laws.

The public transport network is one of them and it can be used to anonymously transfer data via physical devices like USB keys or memory card at a quite reasonable speed compared to usual networks, especially when transferring large volumes of data.

The WalkingDeadDrops project proposes a solution to send data (using a USB key duct taped under a seat) to someone else in a city (video was shot in Paris).
In a way, that’s the Wifi version of you carrying laptops, phones, portable hard drives, DVDs, USB keys. … “