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  • Africa in da house!!!

    “R102” – 1st drop in Africa! Near Kurland, South Africa. Great job Simon! Congrats! And yes! Connecting a smart phone via micro USB cable is possible too! (Yeh … get rid of your iPhone, won t work. And steve scensors too much anyway … support open OS’s and licenses!)

  • New Drops!

    There have been plenty new and beautiful drops this week in all kinds of places around the world! Love it! We are counting 93 dead drops today which equals ~236 GB of storage :-). More languages are on the way, the DB is currently taken to python by Mikkel (thx man!), new features and better […]

  • Tree Drops!

    Great Drop in a tree!! Nice! Can you blieve it?! haha … by The Resistance, 57 Jubilee Drive, Kitchener ON, CA Congrats! Awesome!

  • More More More !!!

    There ve been 22 new drops since my last Dead Drops update here on the blog. Awesome work everyone! Two favorites below. (Sorry I don’t welcome everybody individualy here, we re trying to post new drops to twitter and will change picture display soon…) Thermopyles drop, 8 Rue des Thermophiles, PARIS IDF, FR by http://www.speigallery.com […]

  • Hello Down Under!

    Melbourne proudly present its 1st Drop in the Campus neighborhood! Congrats daverobertclark! (Sorry for the mess with the big pics in DB, we re about to get that fixed. At least I have big ones for the blog now :-)

  • Barcelona, Netherlands, Florida and Paris in da House!

    And there were more new Drops over the weekend 1st in Barcelona by RaStiScaR, congrats! 1st in Florida! by Destin & Jordan, congrats guys! and 1st in France, Paris! Nice! by Cyancat (Hey, Netherlands! We need some pics!)

  • 1st Drop in Berlin!

    Congrats to Supaplex030 & Koriander for Urban Drop in Berlin! “There’s been a silent race to create the first Dead Drop in Berlin… and it seems we have made it.” :-) yes, true! You made it!! “Feature: bring your 10 favourite songs to put on! ” Nice! Like that!

  • New Drop at and on Instructables!

    Yessss! San Francisco in da house! Nice! Great job Frenzy! (some blue color would make it perfect++ ;-) And thx for the awesome Dead Drop how to on  instructables.com ! (btw, like the new design, congrats!) Finally the instructables community can publish really interesting How to’s :-) (which normally get censored on the Instructables platform […]

  • 1st Drop in Sweden!

    Nice 1st drop in Sweden (Pirate-country;-) in a pedestrian tunnel! (waterproof!) Like that! Great job Nick!

  • More Drops!

    4 new drops since last update! Waterloo Math Building in Waterloo, Canda ! (University campus at bike racks) nice one AVA ! his 2nd drop! Sojus 7 in Germany,  Monheim (between Köln and Düseldorf) in a club !?! not sure if this is public enough. do you bring your notebook to the vlub?!?  what does […]