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  • Update on Languages!

    I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. (I needed to get a new work going before snow (in Berlin) and i just made it :-) I’ve just updated the site and readme.txt etc with more languages. I think it is really important to be truely international with this project. We need to be global! […]

  • French is on!

    Dead Drops website is available in french now (top right menue)! Thx to JPhG for the translation! More finetuning to come! Portuguese, Chinese and Durch are currently in progress. If you wanna join the translation team get in touch!

  • Call for translation! We need more languages!

    I keep getting requests about multiple language support. It would be awesome if I could offer the readme.txt , manifesto and also this whole site in more languages ( I already have some parts in french and dutch). I installed a multiple language support plugin which seems to be quite easy to handle. If you […]