More Drops!

4 new drops since last update!

Waterloo Math Building in Waterloo, Canda ! (University campus at bike racks) nice one AVA ! his 2nd drop!

Sojus 7 in Germany,  Monheim (between Köln and Düseldorf) in a club !?! not sure if this is public enough. do you bring your notebook to the vlub?!?  what does the DD communitiy think? on top i am missing the close up pics here! more info please! (submission pending….)

Rheingallerie drop in Ludwigshafen Germany. Outside of a shopping center on the water front (under a roof, very smart!) Under the handrail, right? Nice!

RWTH Aachen Germany , university campus drop ! by colin. thx!

Willard School drop , Casper Wyoming, US. Please guys! (no pics available on this one!) provide some pictures!

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