Live Drops

Hey all droppers!

We are slowly moving towards 1 terra byte of total Dead Drop storage! Yeah!! Time to get you guys opinion on some upcoming features. We are planing to introduce 2 new Drop types: wireless drops and  live drops. Wireless speaks for itself. There are a couple wireless sharing projects out there, why  not mapping out wireless drops of on the dead drops platform? I want to see more pirate boxes!  A live drop is  new feature I am personally very interested in but not sure if you guys out there will go for it?

In contrary to the dead drop a live drop means to meet in person! (Like in a movie scene: slipping over the envelope hidden in a newspaper while looking at the ducks, meeting on a park bench with some other spy…) Imagine: You could announce a live drop for a certain spot and time, i.e. in a cafe where you would hang out a couple hours (Berlin-stlye) and everybody would be free to drop by and grab the flash drive or other storage you had on the table to download and leave some files. In fact this was pretty close to file sharing parties. What do you think? (Yes, it is soooo dangerous, I like it! (And could be a new form of dating ;))

11 responses to “Live Drops”

  1. I like the idea of wireless drops, especially since I can exchange files on them from my smartphone and don’t need to lug a full-sized laptop or netbook around to connect to them.

    I agree that the classic USB “dead drop” is more interesting, though, and is still cheaper and easier to implement. If only I could get “host mode” USB working on my smartphone…

  2. yes, i am also looking fwd to the first wireless drops. it yould be a pirate box or just a shared folder in a local network.

    yes, the host mode for USB port on smart phones is an issue, would be cool if somone could get this going on android. it seems to work on a nokia, (africa drop) not sure if you need to root it ….

    • I do recall reading somewhere that some Android phones happen to have “host-mode capable” USB chipsets (although the article I saw was talking about making a cable to plug a full-size USB keyboard into the phone rather than USB Storage, if one works the other ought to at least be possible). One of these days I’ll have time to investigate further.

      I would not be surprised if some phones eventually started coming out with this capability out of the box (almost certainly not Apple phones, but Android and possibly Windows phones), as I imagine this would be useful for a lot of ordinary uses.

  3. Hey Aram,

    I am interested by the live drop concept. But it seems to be a bit hard to get some attention since the dead drop map does not help to filter on the drop type.

    How do you imagine to promote that so that i may not wait a couple of hours seeing nobody ?

    Maybe some one note on the dead drop blog giving the date ?

    I have seen that one live drop have been registered in the database, can you give us the number Id to have a look ?

    Bests regards.