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Id: 87
Name: Sandy (First DD in Oregon!)
Drop-Type: USB drop
Size: 512 MB
Date Created: 2010-11-24
Address: 400 East 19th Avenue, Eugene OR, US
Coordinates: 44.03770 N 123.08500 W
Permalink: www.deaddrops.com/db/?page=view&id=87

Overview Medium distance Closeup
Status was set to broken/dead/stolen/gone on 2021-12-17 21:46:20 (UTC)
Change Status to
Well, ladies and gents, this is the FIRST DDrop in Oregon and the SECOND on the west coast! *clap clap clap*

This DDrop is called Sandy, the second (Spongebob) will be submitted shortly (we're waiting to check up on it).

Sandy is situated inside the South Eugene High School bleachers, on the south side, by the football field. It is 8 RUNGS IN, right over a drainage cover. Should be fairly easy to spot once you're back there.

Most of the time, the gates to the field are open, so you can just walk on in. Have fun! There aren't any rules on what can/cannot go on the ddrop, so feel free to save some and leave some files.

NOTE: This ddrop is in a rather odd position, and while it will probably work to place your laptop right up to it, a USB extender cable is HIGHLY recommended.

-Emb3rSil, Z4t4ru. and md1032
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