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Date Created: 2024-03-22
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I don't know what to say... so before I post this I want to preface this with me saying that I'm a father from Texas and my son (who's name I will not disclose here) has been imagining all kinds of weird things in his drawings and in his sleep and other strange things that have been going on in our lives and I'm just so flabbergasted by it all of it that I feel like i'm going insane.

Lately he's been getting these nightmares about jellyfish and angels and all kinds of disturbing imagery and I just don't know what's happening. I had a dream about some kind of monkey swinging through trees and he didnt have a face and there was a lot of red and yellow. And then when I go look it all up online I see these crazy conspiracies about religion and ufos and aliens and underground people and I just don't know what to do anymore. Then out of nowhere like a couple of months ago he started saying things out loud and then it started showing up on tv and when he drinks energy drinks the lights flicker whenever he walks under them.. I fear that if I go somewhere they're going to lock him up somewhere and I can't let him go through with that I just can't. I can't loose my son. I tried making this machine that he tells me can fly and I actually tried it out and it levitated and now I'm more freaked out than ever. I turned to God and at least I found solace there and peace of mind. This story is something we were working on before the whole fiasco started. Something tells me he was bottling all of this up inside of him and just waiting to tell me and he saw how I reacted and now he wont talk to me anymore. It was a project for some kind of school assignment but he decided he didn't want to do it. But if the things on here are true then I can't hold onto it forever. I'm going to show it to everyone. The world deserves to know. I'm going to post it like this so the idea of tracking this is almost impossible. If there is a God please shield us with your power and help us deliver this message into the world. Please if you find me or my son PLEASE give us our privacy I beg of you. Have mercy.
Here it is. It's called Carl and his companion.

Hello, my name is Carl, a name not given but one that I gained
And I am joined with my good friend who wishes to stay unnamed
This text is our mission and our purpose which we have sustained
And to whom is ready to hear us, we will explain the unexplained!

We are not sorcerers or priests and we do not claim to be prophets or seers
But we have seen much in our lifetime, many things that confirm our fears
And through our travels and experiences and through our injuries and shed tears
We have become witnesses of the unseen, which became clear through the years!

We are not voices for our God, but his permission I have now
But my friend does not and so through my text we can allow
My friends voice I will write down, and in combination we can say how
The how of how to defeat evil coming straight from its own plow

We are given limited tools and these limited tools are also given to you
And this tongue is simple, so simple that even a child could read through
And we will fashion it in rhymes so that the lines are remembered easily too
So let this be a reminder that despite these limitations, these words are also true

So before we begin, a couple of things, two important issues to qwell
My writing ability is not the best because writing I do not do well
And the two voices that come to mind when reading this text that dwell
The result of our collaboration, one young and one younger, and you can tell!

I am not here to prove to you with any miracles of our own
But put a lampshade on the truths that were uncovered and already known
And they were known to you all by the good people to which they have shown
And have been slain from the world because they dare to talk amidst the evil and his throne

But of course who am I to tell you that the time to decide is over and done?
It is never too late as it was never late for us as well even after this text had begun
Do not get lost in your mind prison as it is so easy to do and instead wield it as your gun
Do not wait like us please, look for truth and then seize, don't wait to tell it even if you have to run

This is not a joke and not a hoax and we are not here to be worshipped, no
If you have not decided to follow God then I am not here to convince you to do so
One shot and one arrow is all we need to shoot this seed and let it grow
So whether you are ready or not, we are going to say a lot, so without further delay here we go!

Our story begins with a rose and a cross and across it we crossed in a dime
Faithfully rowing the boat of fate we rowed and in a boat we faded in time

And the boat that we used was used and reused to fly in a circle this way
And it was night and then dark, then light in an arc and then it turned into day

A large hippo with horns and eating some thorns walked by and smelled like dung
But before I could speak my nose air did seek and my breathing did labor and stung
And my legs shook like a doozy and my head felt quite woozy as the stench in the air hung
And my body felt lighter and my knees felt tighter and I collapsed while the hippo sung

I awoke somewhere else and looked for Carl and through a corridor he peeked out
And he told me that maybe we should not be here and that he should have planned a route
And I asked him the creature and he told me a dinosaur and this I seriously had doubt
And he laughed and said we were going somewhere else and I said no wait with a pout

And he gave me something to ease my pain and a chalk like rock he gave
And this rock he tells me was candy and so I ate it and gave me more I could save
It says the chalk is a wonder cure and you can be sure that It cures at everything grave
And then I got better and stood at my feet and he would give me more if I would behave

So we made precautions and made our way through and something strange we did see
A city in our sights and with sparkly lights we saw as we hid behind a tree

And out from the bushes another strange sight as a feathery bird jumped on a log
And riding upon that creature a man bearing scales that had looked like a bipedal frog

And he looked at us long and away he rode along like some sort of curious dog
But amidst are true dragons and whom ride the other dragons upon saddles and live in a bog

And Carl told me about a curious tale about two brothers who would inherit the earth
And he said that the brothers would be like no other because humanity this way would be birthed

And we saw the earth from up in the sky and the two pieces of earth were joined in one piece
And in the middle on land was a series of channels and rivers and it divided the west and the east

And the middle was lush and green and fertile in the sky
But as we went closer we noticed many cities in an eye

This eye circled in rings and it held many things and it blossomed like a flower from a bud
And the people within were both large and thin and their skin were of both scales and mud
And Carl told me that this was the beginnings of the Sahara and of all of your blood
And he told me this was Atlantis before the war and the split from a flood

Then in the eye and in the moon in the sky there was a clash and the men had waged war!
And then the earth split in two and it made a nice view of the sea of the Atlantic with a roar!
And Carl looked at me and said maybe we should move on there is too much here and we did soar!
But after some investigation and some deliberation he told me some snippets of lore

The two brothers were Enki and Enlil of course and the lore was a war with their dad
And Enki wanted the world for himself but Enlil was awarded instead and this made him mad
Then Carl tells me that the whole thing was like a bad melodrama and that it was sad
And in the future this would distort and turn into a feud of sorts and then asked me if Enki was bad

I said I do not know so in the boat we did row and ended up way in some future desert hall
But you know that question it boggled my mind, I don't know much about Enki or Enlil at all!

It is then that we stopped and stared at the sky and you may see some truth about the Saturn riddle!
In the past it was an eye in the sky giving a yellowish glow and a black color that hung in the middle!

And there was a tall man with a stick made of metal and his workers worked in a tangle
He said his name was Tehooty he had come back and he was making a big triangle

And there was water inside the triangle and it made a big wave at the top
Then I said ah yes this must be the free energy for your subjects so labor you can stop

And he said no labor and promises keep my men at work and I work them to death
I provide the food when they work and then stared at the heavens and took a big breath

This machine is a temple for Amenti you could say
I want to go high and low and how I yearn for that day
And I said why do you keep them at work if I may
And then the man with a stick pointed to say

Because someone high up with a debt has to pay
So I gave him some coins I had and went on my ways
Some people need to learn to let things go nowadays
Besides the pyramids will come down in the future so hey!

But then I turned to Carl and asked about the sticks
And he told me the stick was his wand of tricks

You see the metal on the stick? And you see the copper around it as well?
It was meant to be held and to also magnify your thoughts as they swell!

Your thoughts are a wave and as they scattered they gave shape to stuff around
But not just that because it is a wonderful thing because there is more things to do abound

You see the stick and the copper are a magnet
And with more copper surrounding can enhance it

And the electricity travels through the wire
And it can connect and energize an empire!

But the things in your times that nobody knows is that free energy is real
It is the same process if you can believe it but no one in your time can deal

The same electromagnet is a secret weapon! It is meant to be tapped into by more copper surrounding around it
But as you place the copper around it make sure that it does not touch not one bit or the effect will cancel if both wires sit

Then guide the wire in a circuit back around and connect it to all sorts of things!
And with this blueprint you can tap into the universe grid because free energy with it brings!

And I told Carl that free energy in my time is a myth and it doesn't exist
And he blinked for a while and then wore a smile like he knew something I missed!

And we went forward in time and landed on a lawn of a very peculiar man
And this man approached us and we approached him too as if both of us had a plan

But then Carl and the man talked about a favor and the man looked at him and me and he looked very confused
But then from his pocket as if he expected he inspected my mouth and with a handheld machine used

And it went crunch crunch and made a wail!
The man looked afraid and then his skin turned pale!

The man yelled at Carl and then looked at me and said what have you been eating?
And I looked confused and I picked through my pocket a handful of candy rocks from this evening

And then I said I have been eating these for 10 years or so and they make me feel great!
And the man went ballistic and shouted at Carl and then said that this childs death was fate!

But then Carl just laughed and laughed and laughed some more!
And he laughed and he giggled and laughed through the mans door!

And laughed while carrying some coffee beans out
And then Carl said to inspect the beans instead of shout!

And the beans made the machine in the mans hand ring!
And the man stood quiet and looked at me and at everything!

Then Carl stood high and took out some candy
And he cleared his throat as if he had a speech handy

This here is radioactive! Not candy but stone!
And your coffee beans too? I did not leave them alone!

You see a source of great energy is nothing to fear
Your belief is an unstoppable force even right here
And there are people who are evil who tell you, oh dear!
Don't touch or eat that! Cancer you will get in your rear!
But the truth is that the evil will look at you all serious and leer!
That you should not go near it! And fear us! You will hear!

The truth is that evil are liars! They lie to pull a fast one!
So they can sell you gizmos and take the money and run!

But if your belief is that strong then so is this answer
You can also focus and use your mind to cure cancer!
Focusing, waves, a music scale! Is the answer you are after!
And you can cure even a headache with your own laughter!

And so the man put his machine in his pocket and knew
That just like me eating rocks he would be okay too

And then Carl and I travelled far away
To a desert in the middle of nowhere in a hot summer day
And then Carl pulled his watch and he watched and did say
This is the right place and right time, he should be on his way!

It was another man! A man as the pilot and his disk-like vehicle were gliding
The vehicle raced at high speeds and turned so seamless while flying

And the pilot flew and it moved around as if it were being tossed by a wave
Yet when hovering at a stand still over the ground, a gentle hum it gave

When he landed he hopped out and saw that I was staring
And he approached me quickly and I looked at what he was wearing

A peculiar starry patch on his breast that I recognized
I was perplexed and did not mention it as my mind had advised

I had a different question in mind and before I could ask it he held out his hand
A very human like gesture, I thought, but yet he had said he came from a distant land

He knew who I was and knew what to say, even though I did not tell him about me at all that day
Because of his friendly demeaner my mind got much cleaner and I asked about the disk if he may

He said yes, I can show you and tell you about all kinds of things!
I approached it and asked how can this lift up without a propeller or wings?

And he showed me inside and there was a shiny container filled with a silvery material that was rotating to a degree
It settled inside and it was as shiny as the container and he told me that it was a metallic fluid called mercury

When it spun, it created a powerful force like that of a vortex and like a wind to a sail
And this vortex, he told me, was called in your time the electromagnetic field or a torus like gale!

And I said how does it spin? And he told me with a powerful current of electricity on magnets so that they can repulse
Then I said how powerful? And he told me as powerful as you need it to be so that you could see the results

And I said why the wiring? And he said that the wiring is to guide the current where he needed it to go
You see, he said, this wire connects to the shiny container where the mercury is allowed to turn and to flow

Once you know that this machine is like a puzzle when you inspect
Then you know where every part should go and how to connect
And to place the adhesives and to tighten the bolts to an object
And to know positive from negative and attraction and repulsion or what parts are correct

I said why is the disk made out of aluminum or is that another metal I detect?
And he said it was to enhance the process of lift and also to protect
And I asked him protect and lift? And he told me a bubble that would also reflect
Would form around his vehicle created this lifting and protective effect!

And then he asked me if I knew what the layers of my planet have inside them; Did I know what was in the middle?
And I said yes, a shell of spinning metals that were a liquid and they were spun by a ball made of iron and nickel

And then he told me yes! The same process is this and what he told me confirmed my suspicion
This is what you in your time call gravity; it imparts on you pull and push and collision!

And then I said so you mean to say that if you create this process and shrink it in scale
Then you can create a lifting metal disk? With little to no risk? And he said it should work without fail

And he added that if you put the so-called miniature planet inside of a big frame
Or do so on each corner, then the vehicle may lift and be controlled like a plane

Through the controls that you place at the pilots seat end
And connect to the devices at the corners with the signals that you send
You may fly as a plane and accelerate and turn and hover and descend
And skip through the air and fly without a care as the force of gravity you will suspend

He said the key is the spin and placing it within a ring
And the wires that were coiling and powering everything

But I remembered the thing that was told to me by the other man before that I know
About a source of energy many times great is not harmful until you believe it to be so!

And the pilot told me that this is also correct and that you are smarter than you know about this machine that can glow!
Then Carl came behind and did tell me so that a flying saucer is easier to make than they show

So go without fear! A source of this flight is that of a field and if you stand near the edges a headache you may feel
But I beseech those to try such a machine I reveal and not to be scared and to lift so that you know this is the real deal

So please share these words and do not conceal
And you too can learn to sit on a wheel upon wheel!

As we departed Carl told me and said hold on!
And he went behind a column and after he was gone!

And I saw a person wearing a raincoat and they did not have a face!
And they walked up to me and said have you seen Seymour in this place?
And I said no! I have not seen them at all and they told me that he was their ace
Ace as in ace to their face because they needed eyes to see more and to win this one race!

He is the king and key to it all! Because he is the one to answer the call!
They say that he is in Asia and I cannot find him at all
He is supposed to take Palestine to a twirling dancing ball!
And save them and take them and make sure they do not fall!

But thats okay because the evil cannot find him either
So I guess its back in the forest for me and to go swing through the aether

Oh one more thing! If you see that old dragon that is flowing through the blood
Take a stand and watch out! But to them remind them of the flood

And that melodrama of old!
Oh the stories that were told!

Of a hydra from the water and the feud he did start
And the continuing feud as the ghost in the machine part

And I said with wonder and amazement in tow
All of that is true! But who are you and how did you know?

And he said apotheosis is the balance between sane and insane
That is how a prophet deals with the hordes of evil and pain
He is not a deity he is like you amidst the sun but in the rain
And to them I say its going to be okay and your mind you will sustain

You're in the sea of evil and your fears they will push to your brain to your dismay
All you need is acknowledgement and despite these fears you will be okay
It is okay to be yourself even in the horde of evil who would want to ruin your day
Because being you is enough and you dont need to be someone else to keep the demons at bay
What we are saying is that despite being man, a child at heart you should stay
And forgive yourself even if you ever tried a drug or drew porn... you could say!

And Carl and I did not know
What to say
Should we tell them
The things that went on there that day?

Should we tell them about it?
Now, what SHOULD we do?
What would YOU do
If your mother asked YOU?

And then Carl and Seymour looked at the hordes of the evil lights
Because despite trying to be alone the evil had them in their sights

And the fish and the cat turned and wanted to know what they'd say
And the evil ones all choked up and they had nothing to say that day

They had plenty to say to us because they knew us so well
But to the corpses and the children and the prophets had nothing to tell

They had nothing to say about the men and the women under their feet
And they had nothing to say to their soldiers and the people that they eat

And they had nothing to say as they ran into their hidey holes in the mountains in your wake
Because despite the danger they wish the rocks to cover the entrance from the coming earthquake!

And the fish and the cat looked at eachother and they did a big hearty laugh
Because they had finally found their mark to mark the wheat from the chaff

The true mark of God isnt to stand by and watch! Not one bit!
It is to do the right thing even when the world keeps you from doing it

So take this text and spread it! Tell them it was from a fish and from a cat!
And give thanks to our Lord! And thats all that I have to say about that!

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