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Id: 2569
Name: !!!Sección ARTE
Drop-Type: USB drop
Date Created: 2022-07-01
Address: , Vedado La Habana, CU
Coordinates: 23.12270 N 82.40530 W
Permalink: www.deaddrops.com/db/?page=view&id=2569

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Status was set to working on 2022-07-01 21:17:15 (UTC)
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By Nestor Siré

!!!Sección ARTE, a digital exhibition space that presents art projects on a monthly basis through the folder structures in the Paquete Semanal, (The Weekly Package), a one- terabyte collection of digital material compiled by a network of people with various forms of privileged internet access. It is circulated nationwide on USB sticks and external hard drives via an elaborate human infrastructure of deliverymen, so-called Paqueteros, who physically bring the content to the remotest corners of the island and deliver right to their client's homes. It forms a sort of offline version of the internet and contains data such as the latest episodes of popular Netflix series, funny YouTube videos, pop music albums, downloaded websites, celebrity social media content, anti-virus, and software.
This special edition !!!Section ART [No. 37] in collaboration with the DeadDrops project presents the artist Aram Bartholl and his project h4v4n4 available in 5 DeadDrops installed in Havana and through the Weekly Package with a national reach of more than 12 million users.
h4v4n4 is a text file created for this presentation by Bartholl with a collection of passwords containing the word 'Havana' in different languages.
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