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Id: 1721
Name: Love Lock Dead Drop
Drop-Type: USB drop
Size: 8 GB
Date Created: 2015-04-27
Address: Santa Fe Trestle Trail, Dallas TX, US
Coordinates: 32.75320 N 96.79140 W
Permalink: www.deaddrops.com/db/?page=view&id=1721

Overview Medium distance Closeup
Status was set to broken/dead/stolen/gone on 2021-12-17 22:01:06 (UTC)
Change Status to
People have been leaving "love locks" - padlocks with their names on it - on the bridge over the Trinity River along the Santa Fe Trestle Trail near downtown Dallas.

I attached an orange 8 GB USB drive to a red plastic padlock and locked it to the bridge railing along with the other "Love Locks."

You can reach the Santa Fe Trinity Trestle trail from the downtown side at the end of Riverfront Blvd. or from the South Side from Moore Park or from the end of Santa Fe Ave.

Walk along the trail, on the bridge over the river and about in the center you can see the red plastic padlock with an orange plastic USB along with the other "Love Locks."
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