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Id: 1153
Name: deaddropbox 1.0
Drop-Type: USB drop
Size: 256 MB
Date Created: 2012-09-04
Address: Gosschalklaan 7, Amsterdam North Holland, NL
Coordinates: 52.38640 N 4.87248 E
Permalink: www.deaddrops.com/db/?page=view&id=1153

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Status was set to unconfirmed, may be broken on 2023-09-04 23:41:38 (UTC)
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on our first real date we went to search and download the first deaddrop in amsterdam. after this, we briefly decided we wanted to make a deaddrop on our own. in a few days, one of us will departure to paris, to live there for quite a long time, without the other, so we decided that one of the things we had to do before the ;breakup' would be making the deaddrop. tonight, finally we did. it!

our deaddrop, named deaddropbox 1.0, is mostly filled with pictures, made by ourself, or found on the internet. also some of our favourite songs of all times of this moment were added.

we put the deaddrop in one of the walls of the place where we have worked and where we first have met. we hope that our boss doesn't get mad about it. we work at an espressobar, we think the best espressobar in the world, which is called the espressofabriek. the espressofabriek is situated in the middle of an old gas factory, hence the name 'espressofabriek'. since a half year, we roast our coffee ourselves which is fucking cool.

we both have a fixie, hers is called robyn, his is called sophia, we are a young couple and our first child will be called 'celeste'. no matter if she will be a boy or a girl. as ourselves, our bikes are super in love with each other. so you know.

we really really really really really really hope that a lot of people will add more pictures, and maybe some music. but not too much, because 256 mb can be quickly filled!

merely love!
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