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Id: 100
Name: Lake Jackson BridgeDrop
Drop-Type: USB drop
Size: 1 GB
Date Created: 2010-11-29
Address: VA-234 S/Dumfries Rd/Mercury Dr, Manassas Virginia, US
Coordinates: 38.69730 N 77.44280 W
Permalink: www.deaddrops.com/db/?page=view&id=100

Overview Medium distance Closeup
Status was set to broken/dead/stolen/gone on 2021-12-17 21:46:11 (UTC)
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Sorry for lack of pictures, I'll be going by in the next couple days and will get pictures then. This is located off of the side of a bridge (sort of under it), where there is a little path that some fishermen use to get down to the water.
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