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  • Live Drops

    Hey all droppers! We are slowly moving towards 1 terra byte of total Dead Drop storage! Yeah!! Time to get you guys opinion on some upcoming features. We are planing to introduce 2 new Drop types: wireless drops and  live drops. Wireless speaks for itself. There are a couple wireless sharing projects out there, why  […]

  • Dead Drops options & discussion

    I’ve talked a lot about Dead Drops and offline filesharing the last 2 months and I want to share some of these thoughts and ideas from friends and Droppers here: Rich Kids: In quite some countries, places and neighborhoods  it is not very common (or let’s say safe) to pull out your notebook in public. […]

  • Paris DD tour

    A nice documentation of a Paris Dead Drops tour by ‘He’ on Love the statistics! Yes, everyone wants to know what s on those drives (especially the press). I always say I don t know and it s a ‘secret’ because it  s offline.  “Go and see yourself!” ;-) If you wanna list it […]

  • 1st Dead Drop revisited!

    I am back in NYC and revisited the first set off Dead Drops. Some of them are gone. Some of them I ve replaced (Unionsquare up again! NewMuseum doesnt wanna have one, sorry for u guys …). And the very first Dead Drop in front of Makerbot in Brooklyn is still in place! It caught […]

  • Server and traffic issues

    Hey all, you might have noticed was mostly down in the last 2 days. Due to heavy traffic via Spiegel Online the site was taken down by the provider. There might be still some issues but I hope things will work out. Click with care !!! ;-)

  • Server and traffic issues

    Hey all! You might have noticed that was offline caused by massive traffic via Spiegel Online. WordPress is not made for that and especially the multilingual WPML plugin caught some serious damage. I am turning it off for now but will try to fix it ASAP, sorry no other languages besides english for the […]

  • Lyon is on fire!

    [Service Disclaimer: I have a bunch of translations which still need to be published sitting here. (german [I am german myself!], italian, chinese … ) I ve been very busy with other work and travelling recently. I ll get on this soon!] Check the great pics below and a french article here. A band started […]

  • More Dead Drops Videos

    Great video by Miso to promote their EP HELLO SUNSHINE drop. Great video and pics! Love the french lock drop style! Video tutorial by Simon, 1st Africa drop

  • Africa in da house!!!

    “R102” – 1st drop in Africa! Near Kurland, South Africa. Great job Simon! Congrats! And yes! Connecting a smart phone via micro USB cable is possible too! (Yeh … get rid of your iPhone, won t work. And steve scensors too much anyway … support open OS’s and licenses!)

  • New Drops!

    There have been plenty new and beautiful drops this week in all kinds of places around the world! Love it! We are counting 93 dead drops today which equals ~236 GB of storage :-). More languages are on the way, the DB is currently taken to python by Mikkel (thx man!), new features and better […]