Author: Aram

  • The Walking DeadDrops

    Love it!! :) Great vid! Congrats Jerome! “How to survive the post Internet censorship apocalypse – (Exhumed DeadDrops travel through publics transports) In a world where the Internet is being more and more monitored and filtered, there is a urge to find new ways to send and share data over uncensored networks. Apart from the […]

  • ‘unCloud’ app

    Congrats guys! great work!! See also pirate box. -> unCloud unCloud is an application that enables anyone with a laptop to create an open wireless network and distribute their own information. Once it is launched, a passerby using a mobile internet device can connect to this open wireless network. The person running the application can […]

  • Anti Matters – offline mag

    A dropper from Bellingham, Washington started his own little offline network to promote his twice monthly offline magazin “anti matters” for “… subversive news, critical information, and controversial commentary on the planet we live on and the new world that is emerging from the ashes of the old one.” The 1st out of 10 drops […]

  • Talk at 28C3

    The anual congress by Chaos Computer Club germany (#28C3, the 28th year) last week was great. Besides all kinds of interesting action I also gave a short Pechakucha talk on deaddrops.

  • DD iphone app!!

    Yesss!! Dead Drops iPhone app now available at the iTunes store !! By Ross Thompson, awesome work!! Thx man!!

  • Drop at Teufelsberg

    Dead Drop Installed at Abandoned U.S. Spy Station by @tbx and @ekai first posted on Video by Volounteer agents of the Dead Drop network just installed a Dead Drop* at highest point of the Teufelsberg in Berlin, a former U.S. NSA “listening” aka spy station (Echolon). The dead drop currently contains confidential cold […]

  • How to make a gallery more social

    1. Drill a hole! 2. Install a DeadDrop! 3. Share more files :) DeadDrop #644 was installed for the show “Social Media” at The Pace Gallery, 510 W 25th St, NYC – 9/16 – 10/15/2011 Participating artists: Christopher Baker, Aram Bartholl, David Byrne, Emilio Chapela, Jonathan Harris, Robert Heinecken, Miranda July & Harrell Fletcher, Sep […]

  • Flash free page

    Thx to Luke Stevenson there is a Flash free, iPhone/iPad friendly HTML5 deaddrops page now! Congrats Luke!

  • Dead Drops on Layar AR app

    Awesome!! Thanks to Bruce Sterling and his team: Layar coder Menno Bieringa & Layar artist-in-residence Sander Veenhof  “Dead Drops” is officially part of the Layar Augmented Reality browser app.  Like that!! :) Thx guys! looks awesome! :) Press release! Just 119 m to the next Dead Drop “G23” !!

  • How to get YOUR art into the MoMA

    1. Visit the MoMA! (see also How to make your own MOMA artist pass) 2. See the show ‘Talk To Me‘ (July 24 – November 7 2011) curated by Paola Antonelli. 3. Hook up your notebook to one of the 5 Dead Drops and check out the art on there. 4. Just drop your own […]