1st User Dead Drop

Congrats! Silivrenion was the 1st user to submit 2 dead drops he put in place in Salem near Boston, USA.

  • Location: Under electric outlet to the Mall St side of Gazebo in Salem Common, 30 N Washington Square, Salem, MA 01970.
  • GPS: 42.523789,-70.889726
  • Info: Drive is 64MB. Requires USB A extension cable to access.
  • Author: Silivrenion

  • Location: Underside of armrest on bench of information booth, Essex St Walkway across from Derby Square Bookstore. 221-227 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970
  • GPS: 42.521482,-70.895025
  • Info: 2GB drive. Can be accessed sitting down at bench, but it might be wise to have a USB A cable just in case.
  • Author: Silivrenion

5 responses to “1st User Dead Drop”

  1. Tried to place them in areas I thought would be safe from weather exposure. More will be coming through Boston and Cambridge this week.