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Id: 653
Name: George Costanza Worldwide dead drop
Drop-Type: USB drop
Size: 2 GB
Date Created: 2011-08-04
Address: 811 sw Harrison St, Portland Oregon, US
Coordinates: 45.51170 N 122.68500 W
Permalink: www.deaddrops.com/db/?page=view&id=653

Overview Medium distance Closeup
Status was set to broken/dead/stolen/gone on 2020-04-13 06:06:40 (UTC)
Change Status to
This is the dead drop on the Portland State Campus. It's tricky. It's behind the seating area near the cob oven in between smith and neuburger. Lots of smokers hang out there.

This may or may not be the first registered Dead Drop in Portland. More to come.

I, George Costanza, along with my good friend Dr. Broccoli (PhD) installed it like some KGB agents with epoxy on the morning of 8/3/11. Be sure to share cool files. Long live public resources. Down with P$U Corporation.
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