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Id: 23
Name: 1st DD in Spain
Drop-Type: USB drop
Size: 128 MB
Date Created: 2010-11-08
Address: Carrer de la Creu, Valencia Valencia, ES
Coordinates: 39.47860 N 0.37740 W
Permalink: www.deaddrops.com/db/?page=view&id=23

Overview Medium distance Closeup
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Location is:
Corner "Carrer de la Creu" and "Carrer D'en Roda", 46003 Valencia, Spain

This Dead Drop is located deep inside Valencia's "Barrio Antiguo" and it is also a suggestion to discover the many little (often unknown) streets in this stunning neighbourhood. Open your eyes, you will find loads of hidden things here.

The high-end 128mb usb stick holds the manifesto, the readme, and one or two other goodies.

by Sucan
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